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It's Good To Be Queen


When it comes to your money and finances, are you a damsel in distress? It's time to own your financial life just as you do your career and health.

If the whole idea of financial planning scares you, respected financial advisor, Roselyn Wilkinson, and author of It's Good to be Queen teaches in simple steps everything you need to know and do to help reach your financial goals and reign supreme.

From budgeting, determining your net worth, saving and staying debt-free to vetting qualified professionals, and protecting yourself and your assets with proper insurances, you'll master investment basics, industry terminology and learn how to manage your wealth over time. Financial planning is no more complicated than eighth-grade math. Yes, you can rule over your financial queendom!

Regardless of whether you're single, married, divorced or widowed, making informed decisions about your short- and long-term financial security is critical to preserving your independence and expanding your options in life. Because today, happily ever after is not a fairy tale; it's a choice.

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